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Java – a broad look

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This is our final round up before a summer break and what a topic to finish with.  Java is just about everywhere, so many places you don’t even know!  This month we took a look for articles discussing this enormous topic and hope you find the value we did.


Java  is all around you in almost every app and is one of the most common programming languages. Here is a good overview to start us out with

Java has some fellow programming languages that do the ‘same job’ so here is a comparison article for your review.

There happened to be a feature this month on the future of Java written by CIO. Happy 20th year Java!

Sharepoint Focus

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In the month of May we used our social media sites to ‘share’ information, history, and forecast on Sharepoint. Just in case you are not following us (yet) or need to refer back to one of our curated articles, here is the collection of what we posted throughout the month.

What is Sharepoint?

A Brief History of Sharepoint brought to you by their developers.  Not exactly exciting reading but you can’t beat the source.

Why Sharepoint?

You do have options but here are 10 reasons supporting Sharepoint

Future of Sharepoint;

A look at what is to come with Sharepoint in regard to 365

And multiple advancements announced for Sharepoint in 2016

We also keep track of some tech news that we thought was too good to keep to ourselves

Hot news for April was Good for smartphone users; you are now more likely to get an mobile optimized site since Google added ‘mobile friendliness‘ to its search criteria cocktail. Business owners; time to optimize (we can help you with that!)

We always love a good Facebook v Google article and this one is on who has the better workplace.  Has Google been dethroned?

Speaking of Google, there is a good ap advancement coming soon; Designed for Families designation on apps from the Google Ap store.

Malware, always on our mind (and hopefully not on your computer).  Looks like Spam and Malware are getting together to make more trouble…




Data and Disaster recovery

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On our social media sites for the month of April we continued our 2015 pledge to bring together articles to educate on a topic a month.  Data and Disaster Recovery are topics near and dear to us and below is the collection of what we posted.

Data and Disaster Recovery

Always start at the beginning; what is the history of data backup? Do you remember floppy disks?

– Here is a 1 page summary of just how far we have come.

– Here is a general look at the topic of Data recovery

Data recovery and data security are big expensive things. Take a second and think about what losing your data might cost you?  Here is one of many possible calculators out there (please sit down before you read…)
Lifehacker published a clictastic list of links to all things data recovery, if you have some time, give it a read


Bottom line is that data is what your business is based on, you wouldn’t leave your office door unlocked – do as much for your data.  We are certainly here to help, we can evaluate, advise and assist and remember; an ounce of prevention.


During the month of April we also curated some other articles of technology interest that we are archiving here;


Our Friends at Microsoft

Hot tech April 2014 news  – good bye Explorer, hello ? (codename Spartan…) Guess we have to wait and see.


No month would be complete without checking in on Google

Checking in on the google car for your future minded entertainment ~
Some reasons why everyone wants to work for Google

and before you watch TV on Google provided internet give this article a thought…

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Virtualization and Microsoft Azure

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Cloud computing is one of the things we specialize in but we want you to also know what is going on in the world of Virtualization.  We often employ Microsoft Azure and for the month of February we featured a variety of articles on the topic on our social media platforms; Facebook and G+

Below is a compilation of these articles, over time technology will surely change but most are a good roundup of the basic information.


What is Microsoft Azure

First lets start with the link to the Microsoft home page.  Right from the horses mouth

Next here is a comparison to other leading platforms just so you can compare apples and apples.

AWS V Azure


Can forget to mention that Google and Microsoft are BOTH players in the Virtualization world. Here is a little ‘debate’ between the two

and on the day I compiled this roundup, another very in depth review of Azure by By r of InfoWorld

Here is a bit of Azure history and headlines as of 2015;

Fresh tech news story from early 2015 about Azure partnership with Chief to continue the evolution of Azure.

Given the tech news cycle, this article from March 2014 is definitely ‘old news’ but good history of the name change from “Windows Azure” to “Microsoft Azure“.

A little tech reading , Microsoft is a busy bee with more improvements and changes to make things easier with Azure.

Microsoft Azure announced some improvements in February 2015. Got BIG data? They have a solution


Thats it for now, follow us on Facebook or G+ for our weekly discussions of tech topics and technology news


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2015; first PGP tech roundup

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Welcome to the new year!  We have been continuing to curate news and content for you on our Facebook and G+ site weekly and here is a listing of what we have been talking about.

We started the year with a retrospective by Google with the top searches of 2014

Thanks for a wonderful fact filled 2014 Google!


Followed by a fun prediction tech list for 2015 and then a look at how theory lags practice for technology most of the time.


New this year is a theme for the month.  Some educational articles, some news, something to make you think.  We want PGP to be a source for community and education as well as taking care of any of your network, cloud, or IT needs.

January we focused on MALWARE; Malicious software.

The unciously named little bugger that just the name sounds insidious.  There were no shortage of articles and no doubt this isn’t the last we will talk about it in 2015…



Here is a good graphic and article about the types of malware;

chart by BullGuard Security Centre

A review of the top malware removing software for your personal computer.  Remember, if it gets hot, call us!


In the News.

Not a day goes by without something… here are a few that captured our attention

In the news early Jan the bug that google found; Microsoft claims is insignificant. Moral of the story; keep your updates updated

Malware is a sneaky thing, sometimes even in mainstream MMO League of Legends . Run your scans (or let us…)

Malware does not just spy on you, sometimes it has you ‘do’ things that might be harmful to your career if IT is watching (and IT is always watching)

malware is used by spies, real spies… 

Android phone users, please check your phone!

20 Jan 2015 at 23:28, Darren Pauli

Start the year off right and look and see if you are protected.  If your computer is your business…. how about you make that our business to make sure your are protected?