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Tech Roundup – Q4 2014

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We spend most of our time either helping customers in person, via the cloud, or on Social Media.  Weekly we try to highlight educational, interesting, and fun articles via Facebook and G+, this keeps us sharp and is a complimentary service to any and all who would like to follow us.


We also like to make this spot an archive for those articles.  Feel free to peruse October, November and December (so far)~


A Big trend this year is to get kids into code.  Even the President is doing it!  Here is what we highlighted the Hour of Code

image credit WWW.i-programmer

12/8  starts the #hourofcode Look for events all over the world.

Looks like our friends at Google are getting in the coding-holiday spirit with a Santa Tracker to help inspire young coders.
For the FROZEN programmers out there, here is one to inspire your kids.




 Everyone loves tech news and here are our picks for the quarter

Lost your keys/phone/wallet? There is an app for that, and, a device to tag those important things that looks like it will actually work. Something for your christmas list maybe….

During Thanksgiving week we were still on the job highlighting this cool new plugin (like an app for your computer). It is something to be “Thankful” for because while many of the things we browse for might be forgettable, sometimes you truly need to go back and find that exact page that had all the info…

Google, we have not talked about you recently, what do you have for us?

Everyone has data to back up, even providers of fine over 21 beverages. Pernod Ricard went from a decentralized to a centralized backup that offers remote, offsite and secure data storage.

DropBox – this might feel like a free way to use the cloud but buyer beware; Your data might not be safe there….

New from TechCrunch; Microsoft is branching out to container support. More proof the cloud is on their mind.



Social media isn’t just about news, its about answering some of the basic questions;

We are often asked “What is IaaS?” There isn’t a simple answer, but, our friends at IBM have a good explanation. What you should as is “Is this good for my company?”

In honor of Veterans day we posted a great link to ‘vets in tech‘. PGP is founded, owned and run by a Vet –

Are you Hip to HIPAA? IT security is twice as important when protecting personal health data so today a 2 for 1. Here is an article on some of the updates to HIPPA and the HITECH detailing how IT plays a role.


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Microsoft 10 and our tech roundup

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Hot news this first week of October; Microsoft announces not just a new OS, but,  it is jumping straight to 10.  Integrating more, getting it right, and simplifying was just such a jump they felt it was +2 to 8!


photo credit

Back on 9/24, a nice confirmation of what we already knew, Forecasters are still showing the cloud, and, outsourcing services as a strong continuing trend. This is good news for us, but, also gives CIO’s more time for innovation when the more mundane is off their mind…

Check out our “why PGP” section and see “why” the cloud can work for you

Always updating the best methods, on 9/17 we posted some Office356 pro tips for the install/update ‘cycle’ including links in the article to more information on how-to.   It might be easier for us to handle that for you 😉


9/10 – The new iPhone was announced this week!.Exciting launch of a new generation of smart phone always brings us back to the pros and cons of BYOD (Bring your own Device). It is ranked high for employee productivity and satisfaction BUT without a good policy for security it is a big risk too. Here is the full study by CISCO and here are the Key Findings;Fullscreen capture 9102014 124415 PM.bmp



9/3 Keeping on top of Microsoft – from earlier this year they announced Office for iPad and 365 but the message we love to see is that Microsoft is completely backing cloud technology.



School starts next week so time to think about a fall spruce up for your laptop. Aside from checking in on your software, malaware and virus updates, spend a little time cleaning your laptop up

credit Intel Free Press



A more technical (but not too technical) posts on  SaaS – Software as a service. Here is a great current article on the subject



Are you still sitting at your desk?  Mid Aug we recommended that you might try standing, not another fad diet but a great way to sneak in a bit of exercise into your day .


(Image via Ramsey Beyer)


When things are true they just keep getting talked about. Article today about managed data backup that feels like we wrote it.

Tech article round-up

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There are so many interesting stories on technology, computers, cloud computing innovations that it is hard to just choose one a week to highlight on Facebook and G+.  Here is a summary of what we have posted in the last few weeks;

6/18 and 6/11 were vacation and summer themed articles that both merit a repost since August is the #1 vacation month.  Keep your computer safe and cool in summer. Don’t forget to leave an out of office note!

6/25 This article about workplace flexibility and the perception of value speaks to the tech worker of the world.  If your IT guys come in at 10am it is probably because they are still working at 10pm.

7/2 Starting July with a ‘bang’ and a fun list of crazy microsoft trivia.

7/9 Cloud Computing and how it is evolving!  The best thing about technology is that it keeps getting better and it is fun (if not exhausting!) to keep on top of the newest trend.  PGP can help you keep up to date – just give us a call.

network all the things…

7/16 Africa, using Cloud Technology, caught our attention with expansion plan.  This plan brings a higher level of technology to another corner of the world enabling people to do business, learn and communicate on-line.

7/23 A favorite topic of ours; PC Recycling, was the topic of conversation on CNet this week.  We can both take your old PC and responsibly recycle, or, help you with some of the other options mentioned.

7/30 we posted a link about how Google maps Street View is helping find gas leaks in the streets it is prowling.  It is great to see map and cloud technology helping to preserve the real life physical environment

As always, we are here to help you.  We can build your business, maintain your cloud, or just keep you informed of what is going on in the world.

10 tips for summer computer care

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10 tips to prevent overheating your computer

Our friends at have a great article about keeping your computer cool in the hot summer months.  It only takes a minute to review if your computer is ready for the heat.  Here are the highlights;


1) Choose a naturally cool place in your house for computers.  Lower level, away from direct light and any heat sources.
2) Room to breathe.  Desk cubbies are nice to look at but make sure the computer has open air flow.  Consider pulling it out for the summer months.  Keep the vents clean and clear too.
3) Ventilate the computer room. Computers create heat so put a fan near the output to help blow away the hot air out toward a window or door.  Moving air around the room is nice for people but not much help for machines.
4) Consider air conditioning.

5) Light properly. Switch to low or no heat options

6) Turn the computer off when not in use. Maybe you can’t, but, if you can….

7) Clean your computer. dust traps heat!

8) Add or upgrade fans.  80mm fans are pretty affordable.

9) Make sure you have proper airflow. tempting as it may be to remove a side panel,  that disrupts the in the front-out the back flow.  Clear space is the key

10) Set your screensaver and power-saving settings properly. An active screen saver is still keeping power flowing.  Use your sleep option where possible.


Here is a link to the original article;  If any of these tasks are out of your comfort zone let us know and we can help.